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Construction Charter

As a Local Authority we either directly procure, or are the planning authority, for a multitude of construction projects.  It is our intention to promote and support positive workforce practices involving “Direct Employment” on all construction projects which we procure.  We expect all construction companies who secure contracts on these projects within our boundaries to comply fully with this charter.

Health and safety

The health and safety of all workers is paramount.  We expect all contractors to ensure that:

  • Health and safety regulations and standards are rigorously implemented and adhered to
  • Welfare facilities for construction workers are appropriate for the 21st century, including reasonable standards for toilets, amenities and drying facilities in accordance with the Construction, Design and Management Regulations 2015

Employment standards

We require the highest standards of project delivery in order to ensure that South Lanarkshire people’s aspirations are met and the projects serve our communities well in the years to come.  We are also mindful of the projected skills shortage across the sector and wish the industry to train the next generation of skilled workers for the future.  We therefore encourage, and will require where appropriate, all contractors to:

  • Be able to demonstrate the skill level of their employees on the project by ensuring appropriate checks are carried out by contactors
  • Comply with the employment and skills requirements set out in our tender documents, promoting and encouraging full apprenticeships
  • Prioritise hard to reach and under-represented groups in employment, training and skills initiatives
  • Work with us to support initiatives aimed at promoting and improving opportunities in education and training of employers and employees engaged on all construction projects within our authority

Pay and benefits

This Council is a Living Wage employer and will encourage all construction companies working on its contracts to adhere to that policy.

Where workers are not directly connected to industry collective agreements then the living wage is a minimum standard and we will promote and encourage that those companies are registered with the Scottish Living Wage Accreditation Initiative.

We also expect that all employees, and encourage that all workers, should have access to:

  • Paid holiday
  • A sickness benefit scheme
  • A pension scheme
  • Accident compensation
  • Death in service benefits

Employment rights

This Council expects direct employment by contractors and sub-contractors on a PAYE Class 1 National Insurance basis. 

We believe that Trade Unions play an important role in creating a safe and productive worksite and developing good industrial relations.  We therefore expect our contractors, within the context of the contract let, to:

  • Employ workers under recognised industry collective agreements as set out in SJIB, SNIJB, BESA, CIJC.NAECI and TICA or other EU equivalent
  • Promote the benefits of belonging to a recognised Trade Union
  • Recognise on-site Shop Stewards as having an important role to play in achieving and promoting good industrial relations
  • Ensure that the Trade Union has input into the development of Health and Safety policy (to ensure members’ priorities are reflected)
  • Actively promote the election of Health and Safety representatives and support their role in helping to ensure a safe site
  • Provide equality and opportunity for all
  • Be able to certify that they have not engaged in the practice of blacklisting workers for any reason

Responsible sourcing

This Council also supports the Get Britain Building campaign which is aimed at supporting and sustaining the construction industry in Great Britain.  Consequently, we seek to maximise the building materials used on Council construction projects that are covered by BES6001 Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products Certificate or equivalent.

Community benefits

The Non Profit Distributing (NPD) programme, alternatively known as HUBCOs, must include local community benefits, in particular local jobs and apprenticeships, and help local SME’s develop the capacity to take on those infrastructural projects.  The Scottish Government should work with relevant bodies to produce strong and clear guidelines on Community Benefit Clauses for externally awarded contracts through HUBCOs and that those contracts uphold the working practices contained herein.

South Lanarkshire Council looks forward to working with contractors to help support the aims set out in this Charter.