Selling to the council

No Purchase Order / No Payment

The Council is formalising its procurement and finance processes to support a more efficient 'Purchase to Pay' process. As a direct result of this, the majority of orders for goods and services will now require to be placed using an official purchase order from the Council’s electronic procurement system, (iProc). There are exceptions to this rule and these are contained within the Council’s certified payments policy, however in general all goods supplied and services provided will require a purchase order to be placed. Orders for works are however specifically exempt from this process.

The purchase order placed will provide details of the requirement, the delivery and invoice addresses, and will specifically contain a 7 digit number containing no letters or symbols which must be quoted on any invoice submitted for payment. Where an invoice is submitted without a valid purchase order number quoted, other than the categories recognised as an exception, these will not be processed or paid.


Unless specific contract terms have been agreed, the Council’s standard payment terms are 30 days from receipt of a valid invoice, and an invoice will only be deemed valid if a purchase order number is quoted upon it. If an invoice is submitted without a purchase order number it will remain unprocessed unless this number is provided. This will result in an indefinite delay in payment.
It is therefore in a supplier’s best interests to ensure that they obtain a purchase order prior to the provision of goods or delivery of service, and that they quote this number on their subsequent invoice. If a purchase order is not received, the supplier should contact the person who gave the instruction for the goods/service to request it.