Selling to the council

Ethical Care Charter

We adopted the principles of the Ethical Care Charter in 2018.  We expect all companies who secure Care at Home contracts with the Council to work towards compliance with this charter. The principles of the Charter are set out below:

Council commitments

  • The starting point for commissioning of visits will be client need and not minutes or tasks
  • The time allocated to visits will match the needs of the clients. In general, 15 minute visits will not be used as they undermine the dignity of the clients

Provider commitments

  • All homecare workers will be paid at least the Living Wage
  • Those homecare workers who are eligible must be paid statutory sick pay
  • All homecare workers will be covered by an occupational sick pay scheme to ensure that staff do not feel pressurised to work when they are ill in order to protect the welfare of their vulnerable clients
  • Homecare workers will be paid for their travel time, their travel costs and other necessary expenses such a mobile phones
  • Clients will be allocated the same homecare worker(s) wherever possible
  • Zero hour contracts will not be used in place of permanent contracts
  • Providers will have a clear and accountable procedure for following up staff concerns about their clients’ wellbeing
  • All homecare workers will be regularly trained to the necessary standard to provide a good service (at no cost to themselves and in work time)
  • Homecare workers will be given the opportunity to regularly meet co-workers to share best practice and limit their isolation
  • Visits will be scheduled so that homecare workers are not forced to rush their time with clients or leave their client early to get to the next one on time