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Play development

South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture's Play development section. Link to the Children's Activities in South Lanarkshire Facebook pageLike the Children's Activities in South Lanarkshire Facebook page

Welcome to South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture, Play Services. Our focus is on fun as well as children and young people's holistic development. Our aim is to provide fun play programmes, in line with the Play Principals which include the 16 play types and 4 play spaces which were devised by Bob Hughes and are noted below;

Play Types
Symbolic Play, Rough and Tumble Play, Socio-dramatic Play, Creative Play, Communication Play, Dramatic Play, Deep Play, Exploratory Play, Fantasy Play, Imaginative Play, Locomotor Play, Mastery Play, Object Play, Role Play and Recapitulative Play.

Play Spaces
Affective Play Space, Permanent play space, Physical play space and Transient play space.

These are now used widely, in play settings across Scotland and as part of South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture's training for the Play Workers.

Benefits of play

Children can learn to:

  • Think for themselves
  • Make their own decisions
  • Have confidence in their abilities
  • Develop empathy
  • Develop values
  • Test out strategies without the stigma of failure
  • Resolve contradictions and inconsistencies
  • Communicate their needs, beliefs and desires more clearly
  • Develop an understanding of the interrelationship of everything
  • Question everything

Contact details:
Tanya O'Hara,
Play Development Officer/Play Officer
Tel: 01698476194
E-mail: Tanya.o'

Kim Kilgannon,
Play Development Officer
Tel: 01698 476195

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