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ACE Children's activities

Our ACE programme provides a wide range of Arts, Culture and Exercise classes and courses for children under 16 years, helping them to be active, develop their interests and make new friends. Tiny ACE classes provide activities for children from birth to preschool age that encourage your child to explore and develop their creativity, speech, social and motor skills.

ACE / Tiny ACE classes and courses are available on a pay-as-you-go basis or by taking out ACE / Tiny ACE membership.

Check the ACE Menu for descriptions of class activities and information on additional activities included in ACE membership.

View the video below to get a flavour of ACE children's activities:


Our main activities programme is provided during school terms. There is automatic re-enrolment at the end of a term for the next term’s course. Additional programmes are provided during the Spring Break and Summer school holidays.

Timetables for our current programme, for the school year 2022-2023, is available on the following links:

Term dates

Check term dates for the current programme. 

How to book

You can book ACE activities online or in one of our centres, libraries or venues. Please check our T&Cs / FAQs.

Membership information

Our ACE / Tiny ACE membership will give your child unlimited participation to our classes every week.

You can join online or contact your local leisure centre, cultural venue or library.

Tiny ACE membership * (preschool children)

Only £17.70 per month.**

ACE membership * (under 16 years of age)

Only £26.75 per month.**

A concession of up to 50% is available to Leisure for All cardholders.

A 20% discount is offered for the siblings of one full paying child or for a child that is already a swimming lesson member. After viewing our programme and liking what you see your child can become a Tiny ACE or an ACE member.

* All classes up to 2 hours included
** All prices subject to increase from April 2023


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