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Rutherglen Town Hall terms and conditions of hire and use

Rutherglen Town Hall terms and conditions of hire and use

Conditions of hire


Rutherglen Town Hall reserves the right to refuse or grant any application for room hire.

All hirers must be over 18 years old.

The hirer may not sub-let the venue to a third party.

The hirer must adhere to the Conditions of Use, detailed below.

Payments and charges

No booking will be considered confirmed until written confirmation has been issued to the hirer by Rutherglen Town Hall.

A room hire deposit must be paid prior to written confirmation being issued.

Full payment of room hire must be received before the hire can take place.

For performance hires, full payment of room hire must be made prior to tickets being put on sale to the public.

Full payment of all other hire costs, including food and beverages, technical resources and staffing resources, must be made no later than seven days prior to the date of the hire.

Any hirer causing damage to the premises will be charged for repairs. Hirers will be charged for damage caused by their guests.

All additional hours of occupation beyond the agreed hire period will be charged to the hirer on an hourly basis.

Booking changes

Any requested changes to the hirer's room set-up must be received by the venue no less than 48 hours prior to the event start time. Changes to set-up may result in additional charges being incurred by the hirer.

Booking cancellation

If the hirer wishes to cancel a booking they should do so in writing.

All room hire deposits are non-refundable in the event of a booking cancellation.

All other payments made by the hirer prior to cancellation of the booking will be refunded at the discretion of the venue Manager.

In the event of the hirer having to cancel their booking the following charges in relation to loss of revenue, based on provisional prices quoted, will apply:

  • 30-60 days notice - 50%
  • 14-29 days notice - 75%
  • Less than 14 days notice - 100%

Conditions of use


The venue's licensing conditions and regulations under our Premises licence, including accompanying Operating Plan, Civil Marriage and Public Entertainment licences, must be adhered to at all times.

The hirer / user will adhere to and comply with South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture Ltd's Management Rules.

All food and drink consumed on the premises must be provided by the Management and agreed in advance.

The hirer / user will be liable for any damage to the premises, whether to its fabric or equipment, caused by the hirer / user's occupancy of the premises.

Access to and use of any areas of the premises out with those hired is strictly prohibited. The photographing or filming of areas out with those hired is strictly prohibited.

The hirer will be held responsible for the behaviour of all of their representatives, sub-contractors and guests. The Duty Manager has the right to eject persons who are behaving in an inappropriate manner.

Children must be supervised by their parent or guardian at all times whilst on the premises. For health and safety reasons footwear must be worn at all times.

Animals are not permitted on the premises at any time, with the exception of guide dogs.

All items left in the cloakroom are left there at the owner's risk.

The use of the following items within the premises is strictly prohibited:

  • helium balloons
  • confetti
  • sparklers
  • pyrotechnics
  • naked flames
  • smoke machines

Health and safety requirements

The Duty Manager has responsibility for the health and safety of all users of the premises. The hirer / user must comply with any reasonable requests from the Duty Manager.

Venue capacities must be strictly adhered to at all times.

Smoking and the use of any form of e-cigarette is not permitted in any part of the building at any time.

All equipment provided by the hirer / user must be PAT tested.

The hirer / user will comply fully with all guidance issued by the venue in relation to Covid-19.

Fire safety

The venue's Fire and Evacuation procedures must be adhered to at all times.

All exits, fire alarms, fire fighting appliances and emergency doors must not be tampered with and must be kept free of obstruction at all times.

No LPG cylinders, petrol, oil or similar flammable substance shall be brought onto the premises.

Signage and decorations

All signage and banners, their positioning and content, both inside and outside the premises, must be approved in advance by the Management.

No signs or decorative material can be attached to any walls on the premises.


The hirer / user must advise the Management in advance of any goods, equipment or supplies being delivered to the premises for the engagement. At least 24 hours notice is required.

Goods and equipment removal

All goods and equipment must be removed from the premises by the hirer / user before the get-out time. Any such items left on the premises after this time may be removed or destroyed.

Performances / conferences / public events only

The hirer / user, the hirer's / user's representatives and sub-contractors shall not consume or be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during any part of the use of the facilities.

For events where members of the general public are attending, or where tickets may be purchased by members of the general public, the hirer must provide proof of public liability insurance to the value of no less than £5 million.

All equipment, stage sets, scenery, drapes, cloth, furnishings and other furniture and materials brought onto the premises by the hirer / user must be fire retardant to meet BS5867 pt 2. Please note that materials brought onto the premises may be subject to a flame test.



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