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Kettle's on for Christopher Brookmyre

Published: Friday, 25 March 2022

Kettle's on for Christopher Brookmyre

The kettle will always be on at Chatelherault for a top Scottish author after he named it one of his favourite places.

In an interview for a national newspaper Christopher Brookmyre, who is perhaps best known for his darkly comic crime fiction, named the South Lanarkshire country park as one of his favourite haunts.

The author said the network of paths winding through the woods along the Avon Gorge provides the ideal thinking space to come up with the twists and turns of his plots.

Staff at the park were delighted to read about their celebrity fan and his love of Chatelherault.

General Manager of South Lanarkshire Leisure and Culture Kay Morrison said: “For us Chatelherault is not just a place of work it is a much-loved part of our lives. Christopher’s comments about why he enjoys visiting it were a real joy to read.

“We wanted to thank him for his support. It was suggested we offer him the ‘Freedom of Chatelherault’ but one of the great things about our parks is that everyone has the freedom to visit and enjoy them. So instead, we’d like to offer him a free cup of tea in the Chatelherault Visitor Centre’s Oaks Café when he is visiting.”

The author, who is well known to the South Lanarkshire’s libraries team for the support he has given to them, also writes historical fiction with his wife, Dr Marisa Haetzman, under the penname Ambrose Parry.

He said: “I love the tranquillity and the history you find at Chatelherault. The ancient woodlands merge with the more modern manmade landscape laid out for the Duke of Hamilton. In amongst it there are even the traces of old settlement and industry such as Hoolet Raw.

“The changing seasons always bring something new, and at any time of year I won’t say no to a nice mug of tea.”

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