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Introducing the new My Zone Switch

Published: Wednesday, 01 February 2023

Introducing the new My Zone Switch

Introducing the new My Zone Switch

Available to purchase at your local leisure centre, the My Zone Switch is the first ever interchangeable fitness tracker. Whether you train indoors, outdoors or in the water this belt can be adjusted to suit your movements. Wear it on your chest, arm or wrist.

My Zone Switch fitness tracker

The My Zone fitness tracker explained

My Zone is a wearable fitness technology that displays your effort levels when you work out.

Because it is based on effort and not fitness, My Zone is all about making you feel good about the exercise you are doing.

My Zone displays real time heart rate, calories, and intensity with five simple colour coded personalised zones.

Live feedback can be displayed collectively in group settings at My Zone enabled facilities. Alternatively, you can watch on your smart phone via the My Zone app.

My Zone Switch fitness tracker provides live feedback data

My Zone enhances your experience through gamification, challenges, the ability to set and track goals and to engage through the social community. This can be people within your own gym or globally!

Gain accountability and motivation to allow you to feel good about exercise.

My Zone Training Zones explained

This table contains information on My Zone colours
Zone Colour Percentage of Maximum heart rate Intensity Level Where zone training is used
GREY 50-59% Moderate The beginning of your warmup and the end of your cool down. Also, for activities that do not significantly elevate your heart rate
BLUE 60-69% Moderate Your warmup, cool down recoveries during interval training or for steady state exercise
GREEN 70-79% Moderate-high Best used for steady state exercise or during the rest phase of interval training
YELLOW 80-89% High The work phase of interval training or may be appropriate for steady state exercise performed by highly conditioned exercisers
RED 90% + Highest Typically used for the peak phase of interval training. In this zone you should be close to or at maximum effort.

Three key principles of My Zone Training

The My Zone tracker is a tool to assist you in achieving your health and fitness goals:

  • Intensity – see how hard you are actually working
  • Accountability – get live feedback during your session and review your session straight after a work out
  • Rewarding Effort – earn MEP’s (My Zone Effort Points) as you train. The higher the training zone, the more MEP’s you earn
My Zone Switch fitness tracker effort tiles

Purchasing your My Zone Switch tracker

Switch trackers are on sale across our leisure centres for £79.99.

We can also offer our members a trade-in option.

Simply return your MZ3 belt to us in working order and you can upgrade to a switch for £59.99.

Our health & fitness staff are available if you would like further information. Similarly, if you have any questions you can always email us at


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