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Special (bulk) uplifts

How to prepare your bulky uplift

Please make sure that all items are stored correctly at the designated collection point.

Bags of waste should be able to be picked up by one person. Do not overfill bags.

Please ensure that all nails and screws are hammered into the wood or removed and will not cause injury. Also make sure that there are no sharp objects sticking through bags.

Carpets and mattresses

Carpets should be rolled and taped or tied. Please do not present mattresses until the day of collection as they can be very heavy if they get wet due to rain. We may not collect them if they are too heavy.

A rolled and bagged carpet ready for uplift



Fridges and freezers should be emptied of all food items and defrosted thoroughly before being put out by the kerbside. Please ensure doors are taped shut.

A defrosted and taped fridge freezer ready for uplift



Planks of wood including laminate flooring should be cut into 5ft lengths, be tied or taped in bundles and be able to be lifted by one person. Nails / screws should be removed or hammered flush.

Wood and laminate should have nails removed or bent flush and be stacked ready for uplift


Mixed items

Mixed items should be presented neatly

Mixed items should be presented neatly


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