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School transport

Your child is entitled to school transport if your home address is more than one mile away from the catchment primary school they attend or more than two miles away from their catchment secondary school by the recognised safe shortest walking route.

This may mean being given a bus pass for use on local bus services, contract buses hired for the service, taxis, private hired cars, minibuses or the council's own transport where appropriate.

Children may also be entitled to free transport:

  • on medical grounds (recommended by their doctor and school medical officer)
  • if they attend a specialist school
  • if the route they must walk is considered unsafe by our Road Safety officers.

If your child attends school on a placing request, (not their catchment school) transport is not provided.

School transport covers one return trip to school. The service does not provide for trips home at lunch time. Primary one children who only attend in the mornings in August/September can either be collected by their parents or be supervised until the other pupils are leaving in the afternoon.

Primary pupils may be expected to walk up to a mile between their home and the appointed pick-up and drop-off point. Secondary pupils may be expected to walk up to two miles between their home and the appointed pick-up and drop-off point.

It is your responsibility to make sure your child behaves in a safe and acceptable manner while travelling and getting on and off the vehicle.

You can apply for school transport by completing the school transport form.  Application forms are also available from the school or by calling our school transport helpline on 01698 454102.

If your child attends school on a placing request or you have completed a Request to Remain Form, school transport is not provided.

Our policy on providing school transport is more generous than the law requires. Therefore, please note that we have the right to review and change this service at any time.

If your child does not qualify for school transport, you may be able to apply for privilege transport.

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Education support services helpline

Phone: 01698 454102
Email: Education support services helpline