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Home contents insurance

Apply for home contents insurance

If you're a council tenant you don't have to worry about buildings insurance - it's all part of the service.

But what about the contents of your home?

What would you do if you had a break-in, a fire or a flood? Could you afford to simply replace everything and start again?

We have a scheme with Aviva Insurance for tenants' home contents insurance. To apply, download and print off the application form, complete and return it to us at the address shown on page 9 of the form.

The cost will depend on the amount of cover you need. 

How to pay

You can pay your home contents insurance online.  Just select 'council invoices' from the list offered to take you to directly to the correct page.

Making a claim

If you are insured through the Council's scheme and wish to submit a claim following loss or damage to your household contents, please phone the loss adjuster Cunningham Lindsey on 0345 604 8901 - refer to your tenants insurance policy booklet to check that you are covered and able to submit a claim.

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