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Late hours catering licence

Conditions of licence

  1. You must display this licence at all times at the premises which the licence relates to.
  1. You must keep to any order or instruction any police officer has given you:
  • to avoid annoying the public or the people living or working in any premises;
  • in connection with any emergency or disturbance (including an order or instruction to close the premises for a limited period); or
  • at any time when the officer considers it in the public interest to give the order or instruction.
  1. You must not change or damage your licence. You must take it to be checked at your local office if asked to.
  1. You must only store all goods you will use for the catering covered by this licence in premises we or our executive director of community resources have approved for that purpose.
  1. You must make arrangements (which the executive director of community resources agrees to) for getting rid of litter from outside your premises. You must also take suitable measures to make sure that the front and area opposite the back and side of the premises are kept clean and, as far as is reasonably practical, free from litter.

            In particular, you must:

  1. take all necessary measures to make sure that all waste your business produces is:
  1. stored only in containers we have approved; and
  2. transferred only to an authorised waste collector after you have filled in the appropriate documents for this to take place (you must give your local office copies of these transfer documents if they ask for them);
  1. not store any waste on public roads or footpaths;
  1. make sure that you move waste bins or containers from public roads or footpaths as soon as they have been emptied; and
  1. make sure you provide a suitably sized litter bin on the footpath in front of the premises.
  1. You must provide and keep in proper working order the equipment needed for cleaning and sterilising all equipment you use for the catering referred to above. You must keep to the conditions of the Food Safety Act 1990, and any other regulations, at all times.
  2. You must make sure that your catering does not cause nuisance from fumes, smells, noise or any other cause.
  3. You must make sure that you keep to any order, instruction or notice the executive director of community resources gives you for any of the matters referred to in conditions 5, 6 and 7 above.
  4. If you are no longer using the premises named in this licence for catering for more than two months of the period this licence applies to, or if the licence has run out, you must, within seven days of this happening, tell us and take your licence to your local office. Once you have done this, we will consider you to have given up your licence under paragraph 13(1) of schedule 1 to the 1982 act. If you fail to do this, you will be breaking this condition of your licence.
  5. You must keep to any conditions Scottish Fire and Rescue Service set out for the premises covered by this licence. You must also make sure a trained fire engineer tests and services your fire extinguishers each year. You should clearly mark the date and results of these tests on each extinguisher or on tabs or labels attached to them.

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