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Supported care

Preparation and assessment

If you are interested in finding out more contact the family placement team who will send you an information pack and arrange an interview with a social worker.

The assessment process involves you completing an application form, where you also provide consent for specific checks to be made. A social worker will meet with you at least six times to gather information about all the members of your household and your experiences and skills. We will also get references from PVG (criminal records check), health, social services and other agencies. You will be asked for three references, and any ex-partners may also be contacted. Your employer may be contacted.

An assessment report will be written and shared with you (apart from third party information) before a meeting with the fostering panel. The fostering panel consists of experienced social work managers and representatives from partner agencies. After reading the report and meeting with you and the assessing social worker, the panel then make a recommendation which will be passed to the Agency Decision Maker who decides whether you should be approved.

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