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Mental Health Officer Services

What do MHOs do?

MHOs have duties under the Mental Health (Care and Treatment) Scotland Act 2003 and the Adults with Incapacity (Scotland) Act 2000. MHOs have a wide range of specific tasks which include:

  • Consideration of consent for anybody who is to be assessed or treated in hospital under an emergency or short term detention certificate
  • Applying to the Mental Health Tribunal Service for Compulsory Treatment Orders
  • Advising individuals of their rights (including the right to independent advocacy and legal representation)
  • Providing social circumstances reports (SCRS)
  • Identifying named people
  • Providing assessments and reports for the Sheriff Courts when use of the Adults with Incapacity Act (2000) is being considered
  • Providing advice for other professionals, users of services and carers about the use of mental health legislation