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Housing policies and strategies

Housing and Technical Resources operate a Policy and Strategy Review Schedule to provide a clear timeframe for the formal review of all key housing policies and strategies.

This schedule assists the council in ensuring the documents meet statutory requirements and also allows for regular review by customers.  If you would like to be consulted on the review of these documents, please visit our Customer involvement pages to see how you can contribute.

The table below outlines the key policies and strategies regularly reviewed under the schedule. To view the full document, please click on the link within the table.

Policy/strategy title Review frequency Next review due
Local Housing Strategy 5 yearly 2022/23
Housing Allocation Policy (including Sheltered Housing Allocation Policy) 5 yearly 2018/19
Gypsy/Travellers Pitch Allocation Policy 6 yearly 2018/19
Home Improve/Scheme of Assistance Grants 5 yearly 2018/19
Rent Arrears Policy 5 yearly 2019/20
Housing Repairs Policy 5 yearly 2024/25
Customer Involvement Strategy 4 yearly 2023/24
Rapid rehousing transition plan 2019-2024 5 yearly 2024/25

The current schedule was approved by Housing and Technical Resources Committee in December 2017