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Customer involvement

Getting involved and having your say

South Lanarkshire Council has a long history of meaningful customer involvement with tenants, future tenants, homeless people and others (known as customers) who use housing services.

Customers play a key role in improving the future delivery of our housing service.  We recognise that it is the people living in our houses and neighbourhoods, who are the experts on what works and what doesn't.  We want to deliver the services that tenants need and we want to get it right first time.  We can only do this if customers work with us and tell us what is important. 

There are a range of options to make sure that our customers can get involved in a way that suits either on a collective or individual basis. To find out more about the opportunities to become involved then please contact your local area housing office.

Want to get involved?

Get more involved and have your say

Are you a South Lanarkshire Council tenant?  Do you want to get more involved with your Housing Service?  Would you like to have more of a say about how the council delivers its service to you?  Then join our Interested Individual Register and get involved.

Perhaps you would be willing to answer a few questions over the phone, or perhaps by email? Do you want to be part of a Tenants and Residents Association in your area and have a real influence about things happening where you live.  Maybe you would just like to represent your block or street when talking to the council. However if you would like to get involved we would like to talk to you.

Just fill in this form and a member of staff from the Strategy and Support Team will contact you and have an informal chat about the best ways for gathering your views. You will be added to our mailing list and receive regular updates, including invites to meetings, training sessions and conferences and events.


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