Customer involvement

Customer Involvement Strategy 2018

Customer involvement is fundamental in shaping and delivering excellent housing services, providing sustainable homes and communities and ensuring high satisfaction levels. 

We have many positive examples where customers have played key roles in improving the service and in influencing housing policy. 

Our objective is to continue building on current progress and offer opportunities to shape future housing services. To achieve this, we will: 

  • increase levels of involvement
  • improve the range of engagement opportunities, reflecting the needs and aspirations of communities across South Lanarkshire
  • clearly demonstrate how customers influence housing service

Our Customer Involvement Strategy 2018  sets out:

  • the strengths of our approach and achievements to date
  • what we intend to do to further develop customer involvement
  • how we will measure success and monitor progress

The term 'customer' refers to tenants, future tenants, homeless people and others who use housing services.


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