Hazardous waste

Hazardous waste includes materials such as asbestos, gas bottles and chemicals.


Asbestos is hazardous and extreme care should be taken. If you are able to do so safely you should double-wrap unbroken rigid sheets in plastic sheeting and seal the package with tape. You should take it to the East Kilbride Waste and Recycling Centre and put it in their special skip. This is the only council site licensed for the disposal of asbestos. If it isn't sheet asbestos and you are not a council tenant you should get advice from a specialist contractor. We have a specialist team that can assess the volume and method of removal before giving you a quote. Alternatively, you can enlist the services of a specialist company. Council tenants should contact their local housing office.

Gas bottles

These should be returned to the supplier. Calor Gas uplifts its own bottles free of charge and can be contacted on 0800 662 663. If the manufacturer/supplier is no longer in operation, you should take them to one of our main Waste and recycling centres.


We do not normally uplift chemicals but we can give you advice and put you in touch with a specialist contractor who will carry out the work for a fee.

Some electrical and electronic equipment has been classified as hazardous waste. Televisions, monitors and fluorescent tubes can be disposed of in special areas in each of our civic amenity sites or you can order a special uplift.

Please contact us if you want information about disposing of any hazardous items not covered here.

Charges for this service may apply depending on the type/volume of waste.