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You can recycle most types of plastic in your grey bin. Plastic milk cartons, drinks bottles, detergent, bleach and cleaning fluid containers. We also accept plastic trays, pots and tubs (including black trays - please rinse). You can also recycle the plastic bottle tops but please remove from the bottle.

Before recycling please rinse food or fluid waste from your plastics to avoid contamination. You can also squash them to free up extra space.

However, crisp and sweet wrappers, polystyrene, polythene, tetrapak, bubble wrap, plastic corks and plastic bags should not be put in your recycling bins - they can only go in your general waste bin. Some supermarkets have bins for plastic bags.

Recycled plastics are made into bollards, benches and non-slip decking although some is used for plastic bags and promotional items such as pens and pencils.

For further information please see the Zero Waste Scotland website.