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Electrical and electronic equipment

Domestic appliances, TVs and computers, hair dryers, radios, stereos and a whole range of electronic toys (anything that needs a battery) can be recycled.

Some contain dangerous chemicals which need to be disposed of safely. They also contain metals such as copper, aluminium and other materials which can be recycled.

Charity shops and furniture re-use projects may take small electrical equipment if it is working. Some may also take larger electrical appliances but check first.

If you buy a new appliance check if the retailer can arrange for the old one to be taken away.

All of our recycling centres will accept waste electrical and electronic equipment including:

  • large and small household appliances
  • computers and IT equipment 
  • TVs, videos and stereos
  • electric tools and lighting
  • toys, leisure and sports equipment
  • fluorescent light tubes

If you can't take the items to a waste and recycling centre you can arrange a special uplift. Please do not put electrical items in any of your wheeled bins.