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From nursery to primary school

If your child goes to a nursery attached to one of our primary schools they do not automatically get a place at that school.

All primary schools have designated catchment areas. For information on school catchment areas please use our catchment area checker or contact the Education Support Services helpline (listed on the right). 

If you want your child to attend a school outwith your catchment school you must complete a placing request. Approval of placing requests is not guaranteed. 

Generally, children whose 5th birthday falls between 1 March of the current year and the end of February the following year will leave nursery education and go to primary school, however, you must enrol your child at the catchment school for your address. 

If you wish to keep your child at nursery for another year, please read the information about deferred entry.

Please read the pages about enrolling your child at school and placing requests.

Parents can make an application to request 'early entry to school'. An independent assessment is carried out on the child's readiness to start school. Please read the page on early entry to school.

Education support services helpline

Email: Education support services helpline