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Our priority is to ensure that all tenants and their families remain safe and secure in their homes, whilst protecting the welfare and wellbeing of our staff.

We will be contacting tenants who we know may be financially struggling to reassure them and to make sure that they are fully aware of how to get financial assistance through Statutory Sick Pay and/or by claiming Universal Credit.  

The best way to pay your  rent is setting up a Direct Debit over the phone or online, or using the 24 hour payment phone line which you do safely from your home. 
We want to reassure all tenants of our approach to rent, and that your tenancy is not at any risk due to financial hardship as a result of COVID-19. 

If you find yourself struggling financially because you are self-isolating, you are affected by Covid-19, or your income has reduced, please let us know immediately.


Paying rent is not a matter of choice, however we understand that there may be times that you will have difficulty paying on time.

If you're behind with your rent or worried about your payments - we can help. Our local area housing office staff can provide advice, help you make repayment plans and help you access debt counselling/money advice services.

If you fail to pay your rent, we will contact you to find out if there is a problem. We use a range of ways of getting in touch to suit your needs. This includes phone calls and visits, email and text messaging. Please read our Rent Arrears Policy for more information. 

Our Benefits and Council Tax call centre can also be contacted for advice and access to Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction. You can apply for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction online.

Our Money Matters service can give you independent and confidential advice if you are facing debt problems.

You can now check your rent account balance online using myaccount.

Please note: the facility to check your rent account balance is not currently available. Please contact your local office if you need to check your balance in the meantime.

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