Bereavement Services - burial and cremation

Arranging burials and buying a lair

Coronavirus (Covid-19)

The most recent guidance from the Scottish Government and The Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities is that all burial and cremation services should be restricted to immediate family only. The following guidelines of who should attend are as follows:

  • spouse/partner
  • parents/carers
  • brothers/sisters
  • children (and partners)

Information and changes are being updated on a regular basis and we will advise of any relevant updates as we get them.


If you have an undertaker they will contact us to make arrangements.

If you have an enquiry or wish to arrange for ashes to be interred please contact Bereavement Services or use our enquiry form.

For details of our cemeteries and the availability of lairs please see our directory of cemeteries. Please be aware that in cemeteries where lairs are available, lairs can only be purchased at the time of burial.

For detailed charges see Bereavement charges - burial.

Bereavement Services

Phone: 0303 123 1016
Email: Bereavement Services