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Building warrants, forms and regulations

Certificates of completion

Once your building work is finished you need to send us a completion certificate form for acceptance. Forms for this are usually sent out with building warrants and can also be completed online via eBuildingStandards Scotland.

The certificate of completion states that you have carried out the work in accordance with the building warrant and approved plans.

Where appropriate you will also need to send us a certificate of compliance for the electrical work. Any certificate must be completed by a competent person such as a qualified electrician.

Before it is accepted we will inspect the works. If no issues are raised we have 14 days to accept or reject the certificate of completion.

Acceptance of the certificate of completion

Without the 'acceptance of the certificate of completion' the building or part of the building cannot be occupied. You will also need it and the building warrant if you later sell the property. Both of these should be kept in a safe place.

The acceptance or rejection of a certificate of completion will be entered on the building standards register which can be viewed in the relevant area office.

For more information contact our Planning and Building Standards office.

Copies of certificates of completion

If you need a copy of an existing certificate of completion, please make a request using our form.