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Carers and caring


the Act

  • The Carers (Scotland) Act 2016

adult carer support plan

  • Replaces the "Carer's Assessment" for adult carers and sets out a carer's identified personal outcomes, identified needs for support (if any), and any other support that the responsible local authority is to provide to the carer

eligible needs

  • These are the needs for support identified in the adult carer support plan or young carer statement, to enable a carer to achieve their personal outcomes which:
  • cannot be met through services available to the cared-for person, or through services generally available to people in the area of the responsible local authority or where the carer lives
  • and also meet the local eligibility criteria
  • South Lanarkshire Health and Social Care Partnership supports substantial and critical needs. Low and moderate needs can be met through support available through Lanarkshire Carers

Integration Authority

  • An Integration Authority is the body that is responsible for planning integrated care. It will decide which integrated services will be provided, how they will be funded and what they should look like. It can (and in many cases must) direct the Health Board and local authority to deliver those services. The body that acts as the Integration Authority for a particular area will be determined by reference to the model of integration used in that area

local eligibility criteria

  • The criteria to be set and published by each local authority. Used to determine whether the local authority is required to provide support to meet an individual carer's identified needs

personal outcomes

  • These include outcomes which, if achieved, would enable a carer to provide care for the cared for person. They should be outcomes that matter to the individual carer which may include, for example, having a life alongside caring and looking after the carer's own health and wellbeing

responsible authority

  • The body responsible for preparing a young carer statement. This can be either a health board, local authority, or directing authority of a grant-aided or independent school

young carer statement

  • A new document for young carers which sets out a young carer's identified personal outcomes, identified needs for support (if any) and any other support that the responsible authority is to provide to the young carer.