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Carers and caring

The Carers Pathway

Each local authority has to determine the levels of impact/risk and needs which trigger the duty to provide support - acknowledging that there will be circumstances that merit the exercise of the power to provide support to people whose needs fall below the local eligibility threshold. The Act establishes a process to determine whether a local authority has a duty to provide support to an individual carer to meet their identified needs, as illustrated by the Carer Support Pathway.

Carers Pathway

The diagram above shows the steps taken once a carer is identified:

  • Carer identified
  • Adult carer support plan (ACSP) or young carers statement (YCS)
  • Can needs be met by support to cared for person or universal services?
  • Local eligibility criteria applied
  • Support planning identified
  • Agree final ACSP/YCS 
  • Provide support
  • Review