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Self-directed Support


Eligibility criteria are used as part of the assessment process for people needing social care. There are two stages to the assessment process:

• for us to assess your needs
• taking your needs into account, decide which of your needs will be met by providing services

For more information you can download a copy of our Eligibility Criteria Guidance for Adults and Older People and Community Care Services.

Assessments let us provide services to those in greatest need and provide interventions to help prevent those with less urgent needs from getting any worse.

Intensity of risk

Critical - indicates that there are major risks to an individual’s independent living or health and wellbeing likely to need immediate or imminent provision of social care services (high priority).
Substantial - indicates that there are significant risks to an individual’s independence or health and wellbeing likely to need immediate or imminent provision of social care services (high priority).
Moderate risk - indicates that there are some risks to an individual’s independence or health and wellbeing. These may need some support with arrangements put in place for a review.
Low risk - indicates low risks to an individual’s independence or health and wellbeing. There may be alternative support and advice that can be given for the foreseeable future.

The council's policy is to support substantial and critical needs. Low and moderate needs can best be met through community resources.


Critical/immediate – required now or within approximately 1-2 days
Substantial/imminent – required within 1-3 months
Moderate within the foreseeable future – not within 6 months
Low longer term – not required within next 12 months or subsequently

For more information and access to resources see:

Care Information Scotland


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