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Self-directed Support

Support Providers

The Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act places new duties on local authorities to offer greater choice and control to people who receive social care support.

South Lanarkshire Council works with a range of support providers who deliver various forms of care and support.  When developing your support plan (following an assessment of need) you may wish to consider which provider(s) will be able to deliver the required outcomes.

The council has created a directory of support providers based on information provided by organisations currently operating within South Lanarkshire.  The council does not endorse any particular provider or organisation and this information is provided simply as a resource to assist you in making an informed decision.

For registered care services, the Care Inspectorate hosts full details of individual registrations, performance standards and contact details.

Where your preferred provider is not currently subject to contractual arrangements with the council, you should be aware that the council retains a duty of care to ensure that the preferred provider is fit and proper and capable of delivering on the stated outcomes.  The council will in these circumstances be required to undertake a range of checks which may impact on the final approval process.

The council has also put in place an independent information and advice service, Take Control (South Lanarkshire), that can help guide you through the process of identifying a suitable support provider.