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Third party liability claims

Before making a claim

To be successful, you must be able to provide clear evidence that we have been negligent in our role as the roads authority for South Lanarkshire.

Claiming against your motor insurance company

If your vehicle has suffered damage more serious than a burst tyre, then we would recommend you claim against you own motor insurance policy.

It's likely that this would be dealt with quicker than a claim against us. Your insurers will direct you to an approved repairer, where you won't need to get estimates for the repair.

If your insurers believe we are at fault, they will pursue a claim against us. This would include the cost of any uninsured excess.

Think before you claim

Every single claim needs to be investigated. The cost of doing this diverts money away from important front line services. Any compensation is paid out from public money, so our claims handlers are very careful before they make their decision.