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Special (bulk) uplifts

You are entitled to one free uplift each year from April - March. Extra uplifts cost £30 each. We charge £30-£63 if you have been doing DIY or are clearing a house, have a lot to uplift and you have already used your free uplift. Depending on what you want collected we may visit to assess your request.

We will not collect car batteries, chemicals (unless specifically arranged),gas bottles and canisters, asbestos, oil, car tyres, clinical and hazardous waste , supermarket trolleys, concrete foundations, slabs and lintels, creosote, motorized wheel chairs and fluorescent tubes.  Mirrors and panes of glass can no longer be collected as part of the special uplift service. You can dispose of all of these items at our waste and recycling centres.

You should read How to prepare your special uplift before putting it out for collection.

If your uplift isn't collected please leave it at your collection point and we will get to it as soon as we can. Bad weather or a vehicle breakdown can mean we run late with collections.

If your items are still in good condition and can be reused, you can have them collected for free by using the Re-Use online form or by calling the national Re-Use phone line on 0800 0665 820. You can also visit Recycle for Scotland for more information.

We take some items such as fridges, freezers and scrap metal such as radiators and boilers separately for recycling.

Charity donations

To help reduce the waste that you put into your bins you could also consider donating the following items to local charity shops:

  • clothing
  • DVDs, CDs and games
  • crockery and ornaments
  • books
  • small general household items
  • toys and jigsaws

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