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Flood warning

SEPA has issued a flood warning for the A72 at Rosebank from 3.30pm today (Tues). For more information see the SEPA website



Tyres have not been accepted for landfill since July 2006 so must recycled and cannot currently be recycled at any of our waste and recycling centres.

If recycled tyres in good condition can be retreaded saving energy and resources. Unfortunately car tyres can only be retreaded once.

They can also be used as a fuel in cement kilns as an alternative to coal.  Most UK cement manufacturers are now using tyres as a part substitute for coal or other fuels.

The rubber in tyres can be recovered by finely crumbing or granulating for re-use as a raw material. This material is then recycled into application like flexible carpet underlay, rubber belting or soft surfacing for children's play areas.

Another relatively new way of using old tyres is in building. Earthships, such as the one in Fife, are built using natural and recycled materials - predominantly tyres filled with earth. For more information visit the Sustainable Communities Initiatives website.

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