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Lock-ups and garages

Availability - Larkhall, Stonehouse and Strathaven

Sometimes we have lock-ups available and no waiting list for them. Check the list below for current availability and apply for any of these using the application at the bottom of the page. 

Larkhall -

  • 3L Bannockburn Drive
  • 6L Bannockburn Drive
  • 4L Beech Terrace
  • 5L Blair Atholl Drive
  • 6L Blair Atholl Drive
  • 2L Carrick Street
  • 4L Carrick Street
  • 516L Glengonnar Street
  • 519L Glengonnar Street
  • 4L Glenfruin Drive
  • 172L Mossblow Street
  • 7L Stuart Drive

Ashgill -

  • 97L Ailsa Avenue
  • 111L Ashkirk Drive
  • 114L Ashkirk Drive

Eddlewood -

  • 686 Chris Avenue
  • 13L Craigburn Street
  • 14L Craigburn Street
  • 17L Craigburn Street
  • 110L Loudonhill Avenue
  • 511L Loudonhill Avenue
  • 517L Loudonhill Avenue
  • 7L Woodlea Drive
  • 8L Woodlea Drive

However, not all the available lock-ups are listed here, so it's still worth applying using our online form or by contacting your local housing office.

This information is updated regularly, however we cannot be held responsible for any changes in availability between review dates.