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Development plans

Land Supply Audits

We carry out annual audits of the land supply for housing, industry and business, and undertake the annual Scottish Vacant and Derelict Land Survey. The sites contained in these audits can be viewed on the Land Supply App.

The Housing Land Audit is carried out annually to assess the levels of housing land within South Lanarkshire. Any potential new housing sites with a capacity of four units or more are included. An audit is carried out on 31 March each year which assesses the level of development activity across the authority and results in the production of the Housing Land Audit document. This document includes details of how sites have been programmed for development.

Once completed the Housing Land Audit and a set of maps showing the location of each site are sent to Homes for Scotland for verification. This results in a dialogue between housebuilders and us to ensure each site is programmed correctly and capacities agreed upon. Once completed a final Land Audit is produced which is then used for Strategic and Local planning purposes, by Education and Scottish Water to estimate likely levels of investment that will be needed in schools, water and waste treatment works, and for a variety of other planning purposes.

We must ensure that at all times it has an effective five year land supply of housing land available to allow housebuilders to build housing of a particular size and type to ensure a mix of tenures and sizes across South Lanarkshire.

The current Housing Land Audit, Industrial Land Audit, and Scottish Vacant and Derelict Land Survey is available by emailing