Development plans

South Lanarkshire Local Development Plan 2

South Lanarkshire Local Development Plan 2 was approved for adoption on 1 December 2020. For more information see the committee report and schedule of modifications.

The plan and its associated documents have been submitted to Scottish Ministers. Scottish Ministers have now approved the plan for adoption. The plan was adopted on Friday 9 April 2021. This plan will replace the adopted South Lanarkshire Local Development Plan (2015) and the South Lanarkshire Minerals Local Development Plan and form the development plan for South Lanarkshire alongside Clydeplan.

Once adopted, the plan will be open to legal challenge on procedural grounds only for a six-week period.

We have notified everyone who submitted representations at the proposed plan stage. Public comments on the Plan are not invited at this stage.

The Local Development Plan 2 and its associated maps and documents can be viewed or downloaded via the links below:

Supporting planning guidance for renewable energy has also been approved and should be read alongside the other documents.

In addition, the supplementary guidance that formed part of the SLLDP 2015 will continue to be available as non statutory guidance. It will be replaced by updated supporting planning guidance soon.

The South Lanarkshire Local Development Plan 2 Proposed Plan 2018 and associated documents have now been superseded by the South Lanarkshire Local Development Plan 2 2021. However, they can still be viewed on the Local Development Plan 2 - proposed plan page.

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