Non-domestic rates - money off your bill

Other reliefs

Retail, hospitality and leisure relief

For 2020/21, we can award 100% relief to certain retail, hospitality and leisure properties. More information is available on our Non-domestic rates - 2020/21 bills and charges page.

General rates relief

For 2020/21, general rates relief of 1.6% has been applied to all bills, to reverse the increase in the basic property rate (poundage) from the 2019/20 rate.

Place of worship exemption

Awarded where the property is used as a place of worship, or a hall u/sed in association with a place of worship.

Rural relief

Up to 100% relief is available to rural properties depending on the rateable value and use of the premises. 

Disabled relief

Up to 100% relief is given where the property is used only to provide care, training or support to disabled people.

Fresh start relief

We give 100% relief for up to 12 months where a property is occupied after empty property relief being awarded for the preceding 6 months. The rateable value must be £65,000 or less.

Transitional relief

Relief is available to ratepayers whose business is in the hospitality sector and there has been an increase of more than 12.5% plus inflation in their rates bill compared to the previous financial year.  You must apply for this relief annually before 31 March.

District heating relief

Up to 50% relief can be awarded where the property is used wholly or mainly for the purposes of a district heating network

Day nursery relief

Since 1 April 2018 we can give 100% relief to premises that are occupied as a day nursery.

New and improved properties relief

Since 1 April 2018 we can award relief to cover the increase in rates due to some property improvements or to cancel the rates bill in full for newly built properties first appearing in the valuation roll on or after 1 April 2018. This relief can only be awarded for 12 months.

Renewable energy generation relief

We can award up to 100% relief to sites that only generate renewable energy and have a qualifying charitable or community interest involvement in the project. We can also award 60% relief to sites that generate renewable energy from water.

How to apply

If you would like an application form for any of these reliefs, please contact the non-domestic rates team using the contact details shown.

Non-domestic rates team

Phone: 0303 123 1015
Email: Non-domestic rates team