Non-domestic rates - money off your bill

Relief for sports clubs

Licensed sports club relief

The amount of relief we give is variable and is calculated using the club’s income from bar takings, food, gaming and tobacco sales and the rateable value of the property. Some licensed clubs may not qualify if their income is too high.

Unlicensed sports club relief

We give 100% relief to unlicensed sports clubs.

Community amateur sports clubs

Clubs registered with HMRC as a Community amateur sports club will get 80% relief. More information is available at

How to apply

If you would like an application form for any of these reliefs, please contact the non-domestic rates team using the contact details shown.

Submit evidence

If you have been asked to provide evidence in support of an application for rates relief, you can use our online form to provide this.

Non-domestic rates team

Phone: 0303 123 1015