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Community asset transfer

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Community Asset Transfer (CAT) is an important part of the Community Empowerment Act.

We are committed to working with eligible organisations and recognise that the ownership or control of land and buildings is a powerful tool for communities to drive change and achieve their own goals. Community groups can apply to us for any land or buildings they feel they could make better use of.

Anyone interested in Community Asset Transfer can contact us at

The following YouTube film explains the Community Asset Transfer process, the transcript of this film is also available to download.

Community Asset Transfer involves the transfer of responsibility for an asset from South Lanarkshire Council to any suitable community, voluntary, or social enterprise group (called community controlled body within the legislation) to have greater control over the use of assets owned by South Lanarkshire Council and some other public bodies.

CAT can take several forms:

  • transfer of outright ownership
  • transfer of management responsibility
  • short or long-term leases

It provides an opportunity for local people to be directly involved in improving the neighbourhoods in which they live. By accessing assets and tailoring services to the needs and aspirations of the local neighbourhood the whole community can benefit. Local ownership can often bring to life or better use assets that are currently under authority ownership.

It is recognised that in some cases communities may wish to test the feasibility of a Community Asset Transfer and therefore the council will consider the grant of a short-term lease as a precursor to a full Community Asset Transfer application.

This opportunity would be available where the property is in good condition, does not have a current operational use by the authority, and the organisation has an appropriate constitution and relevant insurance in place.

Any organisation interested in this should complete an expression of interest and the Community Asset Transfer officer will liaise with you and provide the relevant forms to be completed for a short-term lease.

We want to work together with communities to achieve their goals and aspirations, and community-led ownership or control of land and buildings can help this happen through the following benefits:

  • A base for activities and services that may not be accessible to certain members of the community
  • Improve a wide range of social issues including better wellbeing, mental health, economic development, area regeneration, and environmental wellbeing
  • Develop a social economy and bring income and regeneration to the local area
  • Unlock access to funding and grants otherwise not available to the local authority
  • Strengthen community cohesion and encourage people to be greater involved in improving their area.

To be eligible to apply for an asset transfer your organisation must be a Community Transfer Body (CTB) which can be one of the following:

  • community controlled body
  • a body designated as a Community Transfer Body by order of the Scottish Ministers
  • Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) (Tier one for lease, Tier two for purchase)
  • Community Based Benefit Society
  • company limited by guarantee

If you want to buy the property rather than lease it then the following condition applies:

  • must be a community-controlled body with a minimum membership of twenty people which is either incorporated, an SCIO, or Bencom with a governing document that includes an asset lock.

As a general rule if your organisation has closed membership and is not open to any person within your community or community of interest then you will not be eligible.

Organisations that are run for the profit or gain of individual(s) are also generally ineligible.

If you are interested in applying for a Community Asset Transfer, you can express your interest by completing our online form and a member of the team will be in touch.

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