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Comments, compliments and complaints procedure

Complaints performance

On 1 April 2013 we changed the way that we handle your complaints.  For more information see the "have your say" pages. 

The new complaints handling procedure was introduced by the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman and all Scottish Councils are now required to handle and report complaints in the same way.  All Councils are required to publish the outcomes of complaints, trends and actions taken.  You will find short case studies of actions that we have taken in response to complaints in the "you said we did" pages.         

Complaints performance statistics

Number of complaints received from 1 April 2011 to 31 March 2013


Number received 1st Quarter

Number received 2nd Quarter

Number received 3rd Quarter

Number received 4th Quarter
 Number of complaints received 2011-2012  1285  1077  922  897
 Number of complaints received 2012-2013  882  787  775  763