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Other performance information

Consultation, Organisational Development and Equality Team (CODE)

The following information provides insight into improvement activities that the Consultation, Organisational Development and Equality Team (CODE) can facilitate/support/provide. 

Customer satisfaction questionnaires

We subscribe to a number of external validation factors for measuring continued compliance with great customer satisfaction. A number of surveys are carried out to provide evidence for external assessors, for example, the Care Commission and Customer Service Excellence. If you are considering carrying out a customer satisfaction survey, let the Consultation Team know before surveying starts. All the satisfaction surveys include a set of key customer satisfaction questions. By speaking to the team about your survey we will make sure these questions are included.

The key customer satisfaction questions will form a customer satisfaction scorecard, which shows at a glance areas of customer service that are doing well, and also areas for improvement. You can be provided with this scorecard when your survey is closed as part of the reporting process.

Consultation hardware

A range of hardware is available for carrying out consultation in addition to the standard SNAP software. This currently includes:

Hand-held iPad devices

The council has 8 iPads, these can be used when doing direct public or community engagement, for example, door-to-door enquiries, street events, or community events. iPads can also be used to supplement responses as part of a larger or wider consultation. The iPads are fully secure and can only be used to host custom SNAP questionnaires. They cannot be used as regular iPads. If you want to use the IPads the appropriate notice is required, this is:

  • one-off events using the iPads, a minimum of 15 calendar days before the date of your event
  • using iPads as part of a larger scale consultation, then 6 weeks’ notice is required, in all cases, survey results will be provided as above

Kiosk style stands for iPads

3 tall and 3 desktop stands are available and can be situated in public buildings or in reception areas. For security and safety purposes, these stands are set up and distributed by the Consultation Team. Timescales for booking the stands are the same as booking out the iPads themselves. Survey results will be provided as above.

OptionFinder kits – Keypad voting system

2 x 100 keypad kits are available. The OptionFinder system is an add-on to Microsoft PowerPoint software and bears a similarity to the technology used on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? The OptionFinder allows participants to give a response to a multiple-choice question. As this is a PowerPoint based package, the OptionFinder questions can either be used in their own right, or incorporated throughout a larger PowerPoint presentation. There is also a quiz feature built into the software that allows participants to select correct answers with the winning keypad being revealed at the end of the voting. This can be used to build variety into your event and helps to keep your audience engaged throughout the event. The OptionFinder software is built into the Consultation Team’s laptops so these need to be used with the keypad kits, this means that you cannot use your own laptop. These laptops run in a stand-alone, non-networked state, therefore you will need to ensure that your presentation does not include links to external sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and so on as these will not be accessible. To avoid any issues embed any video or audio clips you are planning to use into your presentation. You will need to request and book the equipment a minimum of 15 calendar days before your event date.

You will need to develop and send the questions to the Consultation Team so that they can be uploaded and tested before your event. Your final set of slides or final question set is required no later than 7 calendar days before the date of your event. Following your event, you will be provided the results in a PDF and also in Excel format.

Ketso toolkit

This is a repositionable felt-based kit used in workshops. The Ketso system has been designed to make running your workshops flexible and interactive. There are 3 kits available and each kit contains 3 large felt sheets and associated material. Ketso is a great kit for ensuring all participants get an equal chance to have their say. More information on how the toolkit can benefit you in your workshop or engagement event is available from the Ketso website. At the end of your workshop, we ask you to make sure the kit is cleaned and returned in the same condition you received it.

Video consultation – Voxur

The Voxur video consultation system is a self-contained video consultation device. A small number of questions are recorded on the unit and respondents provide their responses through video. 2 units are available for use. This equipment must be requested and booked a minimum of 28 calendar days before the date of your event. Your question set is required 7 calendar days before your event to allow us record your questions. You will receive a DVD containing the recorded responses.

The Citizens’ Panel

South Lanarkshire Citizens’ Panel is a panel of around 1,000 residents who have registered as willing to take part in consultation activity with the council. Panel members can be invited to participate in any consultations. As many of the panel members have given us their email addresses we can easily share links to online surveys. Panel members can also participate in focus/discussion groups. A minimum of 6 weeks’ notice is required to request the use of the Panel. You will be provided with the results of your engagement using our standard reporting framework.

Lean events - facilitate

  • initiation workshops to determine the scope/length/timing of the workshop
  • process improvement workshop, process mapping to establish the current process (as is) and future state (to be)
  • preparation of the 3Cs log (Concern, Cause, and Countermeasure)
  • What Went Well (WWW)/Even Better If (EBI) at the end of each day
  • feedback to the management team

Focus groups

Focus groups can also be facilitated/supported.

For further information email: