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Customer Services Excellence

Customer Service Excellence (CSE) gives organisations a practical tool for driving customer-focused change. CSE is aimed at delivering benefits at three levels:

  • continuous improvement
  • skills development
  • independent assessment of achievement

Originally devised by the Cabinet Office, CSE, formerly known as Charter Mark, sets a standard by which organisations should be measured to ensure they are not only providing good customer service but are continually looking at ways to improve what they do.

To gain the accreditation, services have to meet a set of demanding criteria including:

  • set standards and perform well
  • actively engage with customers, partners and staff
  • be fair and accessible to everyone
  • promote choice and continuously develop and improve
  • use resources effectively and imaginatively
  • help improve opportunities and quality of life in the community

The following Services have been awarded CSE:

  • Adult Mental Health
  • Bereavement Services
  • Building Standards
  • Learning and Development
  • Our Lady of Lourdes Primary School
  • Planning Services 
  • Social Work Day Care
  • Social Work Home Care
  • Social Work Older People's Residential Services