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Data protection

Proof of identity

We only give personal data to people who are entitled to see it so we may ask for proof of your identity.

If you have contacted us before and you send in a letter or form without proof of identity we may still be able to deal with your request.

However, in some cases, we may come back to you asking for two forms of proof of your identity.

Unless you are already known to us, you must produce copies (not originals) of

one form of personal identity document such as

  • passport
  • UK photo card driving licence
  • UK driving licence (old style without photo)
  • birth certificate
  • HM Forces ID Card

and one Active in the Community such as

  • a second personal identity document specified above
  • addressed wage slip
  • utility bill or certificate from a utility company for example gas, electric, telephone
  • Council Tax bill
  • bank/credit card statement
  • mortgage statement
  • tenancy agreement/rent card
  • benefit notification letter from DWP
  • P45/P60
  • NHS Card UK providing it contains your personal address
  • TV licence
  • proof of working with your employer for at least 3 years

Unless otherwise stated, this must no older than 6 months and include your current name and address. Where the document is over 6 months old but is still current, it can be accepted for example your driving licence.

If you are exercising someone else’s rights, you must also provide proof that you have the legal power to act on behalf of the person concerned such as

  • a birth certificate of the person (where it is a child under the age of 12)
  • a signed mandate from the person concerned authorising you to make the application
  • a power of attorney (welfare, financial or both) in your favour from the person concerned
  • The court order appointing you as the guardian (welfare, financial or both) for the person concerned.