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Data protection

Information about someone else

If you are asking for information on behalf of someone else and that person can give consent to you doing so, please also enclose a copy of that consent, for example, a letter signed by the person concerned authorising you to make the request on their behalf. If you cannot provide consent you may be asked for further information. The Council may, also, ask for proof of identity of the person concerned in order to check signatures etc.

If the person cannot consent to you asking for their information, which is usually where he/she is unable by reason of age or other incapacity from exercising his/her own rights, you must have the legal power to exercise rights on the person's behalf. Examples could be  someone with parental responsibilities for a child under the age of 12 or  a welfare or financial guardian for an adult who is incapable of exercising their rights.

If you are exercising someone else's rights, please use the Exercising someone else's rights form.