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Self-directed Support


The ICCAN (Information for Carers of Children with Additional Support Needs) Group produced a booklet to provide information on services and support for carers of children with additional needs.

We have also produced an information guide to services for young people and adults with additional support needs called We.Can. This directory brings together some information about services that may be useful for individuals with additional support needs, their families or carers.

Social Services Knowledge Scotland is the national knowledge platform for health and social care.  This website supports all frontline professionals from personal assistants and support workers to social workers and nurses as they seek to implement SDS and embrace the culture change associated with SDS.

The Open University in Scotland offers free online courses which now include materials about using SDS with Children and Families.  They are currently offering some free facilitator training or coaching for people who would like to use the materials as a basis for training people in the workforce.

You can also download a copy of our Self-Directed Support Communication Strategy.