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Self-directed Support

Self-directed support (SDS)

Self-directed Support (SDS), sometimes known as personalisation, gives you and your family more choice and control over your care. It also means that we will work with you to create a flexible and individual care package to meet your needs.

Support Me, Support You is a resource for organisations that provide care and support to people in Scotland.  It forms one of four National Guides on Self-directed Support which each aim to explain the implications of new legislation and statutory guidance on social care to specific audiences: providers, practitioners, carers and people who receive support. Guidance, practice examples and other resources on self-directed support for providers of social care can be accessed on the Support Me, Support You website. 

The Social Care (Self-directed Support) (Scotland) Act 2013 commenced on 1 April 2014. This means we will:

  • discuss with you what you want from your life to find out what is important to you
  • identify eligible support needs through a co-produced assessment 
  • agree a support plan with you
  • review the plan with you every year to make sure it still suits

Your assessment

Your assessment will cover your strengths and abilities as well as your care needs. We will ask what you feel you are able to do as well as what you need help with. The assessment will cover areas of your life such as personal care, running your own home, your social life, learning activities and how safe you feel at home and in your community.

You can contact your local social work office to have an assessment carried out.  and you may want to note down any comments, including your strengths, areas you need support in and what you would like to do in advance of our meeting or wait until we meet to consider. 

Your support plan

Your plan will focus on 4 areas:

  • how you want your support to be designed
  • how you want it provided
  • who you want to provide it
  • what you want to achieve from your support

Your support plan will be agreed and we will discuss the financial contribution you may be asked to make towards your care. You will also have the option on how to direct your care. This will be in one of four ways:

Option 1 - You (and your carers) manage your support plan and receive a direct payment to do this

Option 2 - You (and your carers) choose your support and have these managed by a third party

Option 3 - We arrange and manage your support

Option 4 - A mix of the first 3 options

If you change your mind

If you change your mind you will be asked to review your funding options. You can ask for this at any time.

This is separate from a review of your support arrangements.