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Contacting Social Work Services

Social Work Reception Services teams are your first point of contact if you don't already have an allocated social worker or you are waiting to have one allocated to you. We take all new enquiries and will make referrals to other social work services, should you require a more in-depth assessment or need ongoing support and services.

Reception Services are based in your local social work office and can be contacted on 0303 123 1008. If you wish to find your nearest office contact details are on our social work office directory.

We will work with you to find the help or assistance you may need and deal with any concerns you may have. Similarly, you can contact the service for general advice. If we were not able to provide an answer to your enquiry we will let you know the agency or service that will be able to give you a more specific and detailed response to your enquiry.

You can contact us about:

  • an adult or a child at risk of harm
  • someone who needs help to look after themselves or their home due to disability, illness, mental health, dependency issues, etc.
  • someone who is caring for someone and may be needing support in order to continue doing this
  • yourself - you may want advice about services or you may require support and assistance

If you need to contact us outwith opening hours please contact the Emergency Social Work Service.