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Renewable energy fund

This fund is for capital projects within 10km of a participating renewable energy development. It currently applies to the wind farms at Whitelee, Pates Hill, Stallashaw and Blacklaw. See the maps in the renewable energy fund download.

Capital projects are usually long-term projects to acquire, develop, improve and/or maintain a capital asset such as land, buildings or roads.

There is no funding available for:

  • revenue projects that have recurring costs such as salaries or ongoing utility/maintenance costs
  • projects that restrict access from an equal opportunities perspective

Funds available

The two options are: 

  • Main renewable energy fund - grants over £10,000 up to 50% of total 'eligible' costs.
  • Local grant scheme - grants of less than £5,000 and up to 100% of total 'eligible' costs for smaller community-based projects


The renewable energy fund is money received from renewable energy developments within the South Lanarkshire boundary. They are to be used to help communities affected by them to improve their quality of life and the local economy.

Please see the Renewable energy fund download for more information.