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Council tax - banding and charges - what you pay

Council tax - banding and charges

A council tax bill is issued to every household in March. To enquire about having your bill supplied in a different format or language, please contact the Benefits and council tax call centre.

Council tax charges for 2016/2017 are unchanged from 2015/2016 but Scottish Water has increased charges for water and wastewater by 1.6%.

The council tax financial year runs from 1 April to 31 March and council tax is payable in 10 monthly instalments from April to January. You cannot currently access your account details online. If you would like to know your council tax account balance, please contact the  Benefits and council tax call centre

If you would like to find out more about how your council tax banding is set or what the banding is for a property, you can visit the Scottish Assessors Association web site for more details. 

Band Council tax Water Sewerage Total
0* £611.67 £109.00 £126.50 £847.17
A £734.00 £130.80 £151.80 £1016.60
B £856.33 £152.60 £177.10 £1186.03
C £978.67 £174.40 £202.40 £1355.47
D £1101.00 £196.20 £227.70 £1524.90
E £1345.67 £239.80 £278.30 £1863.77
F £1590.33 £283.40 £328.90 £2202.63
G £1835.00 £327.00 £379.50 £2541.50
H £2202.00 £392.40 £455.40 £3049.80

*Disabled (this is the lowest reduction for Band A (one sixth).  For more detailed information please see our page on Disabled persons reduction

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