Education Resources Psychological Service

The Psychological Service is a part of the Inclusion Service within South Lanarkshire Council Education Resources. The Psychological Service team is made up of psychologists, who have studied child and adolescent development, and clerical and administrative staff who work closely with psychologists and service management. Educational Psychologists are not members of the medical profession and do not prescribe medication.

Our aim in the Psychological Service is to:

  • provide support to parents and carers, teachers and other professionals in their attempts to meet children's educational, social and emotional needs
  • provide children and young people (aged 0 - 19) with the support and encouragement they need to do their best at school
  • provide advice to South Lanarkshire Education Resources, and other professional colleagues, on how everyone can work together to achieve the best outcomes for every child
  • provide consultation and advice to colleges, Skills Development Scotland and other agencies working with young people aged 19-24 years.

Psychological Services also have a range of helpful leaflets:

  • 'ADHD' a disorder not a disaster - information for parents
  • Bereavement and loss - a guide for young people
  • Bereavement and loss - a guide for parents
  • Brief therapy - information for parents
  • Family break-up and divorce
  • Helping children to cope with trauma
  • Managing children's behaviour
  • My child doesn't want to go to school - a guide for parents
  • Promoting good sleep patterns
  • Relaxation

If you would like a copy of any of these leaflets, or for general information on the service please call your local Psychological Services centre in Hamilton, East Kilbride or Lanark.