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Education Resources Psychological Service

Why Psychological Services might be consulted about your child

The Psychological Service may become involved when advice, assessment, or intervention might help with the following:

  • delayed development
  • speech, language and/or communication difficulties
  • significant difficulties in learning, or with school work
  • emotional barriers which significantly interfere with learning or behaviour
  • behaviour which may be causing serious problems at home and/or at school
  • a physical difficulty providing a significant obstacle to learning

Where there are concerns about a specific child or young person's progress a consultation with the psychologist, involving parents and carers, school staff and other relevant agencies may be offered. The child's views will be considered as part of the consultation process. 

This consultation will usually take place when all available supports within the school are being used. Consultations will usually follow a lot of discussion and planning between you and the school and you will be asked to give your permission for Psychological Services to be approached for a consultation.  The person making the request for consultation will be asked to provide detailed information on the child or young person.

If your child is at the early years stage and has additional support needs, or is not reaching important milestones, then a psychologist might be asked to see your child as part of an Early Years Multi-Agency Team (EYMAT).  This team helps professionals such as speech therapists, doctors and nursery teachers to work with parents and carers to plan support for early years children.  Using their knowledge of child development, the psychologist can help support parents and carers and other professionals in identifying what extra help an early years child might need and can help to plan for starting school.

Please read the page on pre-school children with additional support needs for more information on the EYMAT team.