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What happens after the consultation?

In many instances a single consultation session is all the input needed from the Psychological Service.  If this is the case, the service can be involved again at a future date, should this be appropriate.

Where continuing contact from the Service is needed, it may include:

  • meetings with professionals which may include people and agencies not present at the first consultation
  • observation of your child in familiar surroundings in school/nursery, at home, or both
  • contact with you and other members of your family
  • seeing your child at school, home or Psychological Services Centre to discuss your child's views of the difficulties they are experiencing, or worries they may have, and provide support
  • direct individual assessment
  • meeting with you and/or the people working with your child at a review meeting to explain the outcome of the assessment
  • more time to talk as a family, through a referral to our Brief Therapy Team
  • support for the referral of your child on to another service for more support, such as Speech and Language Therapy or the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, if you agree to the referral.

The psychologist will supply verbal or written feedback. This will often be at review meetings where the school records the views of everyone present.  Copies may also go to other professionals who know your child. 

If you are concerned about who will see the report or minutes, please speak to the psychologist about this. You and your child have the right to request access to the information in the file.  Where reports are written on your child, you will receive a copy.