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Licensing Divisions

Licensing Division No 3 - Hamilton

This Division deals with applications from the Hamilton, Blantyre and Larkhall and surrounding villages.

Like all licensing authorities, it must publish a Statement of Licensing Policy.

The Licensing Division is quite separate from the council but its members are all serving Councillors. Its 10 members are:

  • Jackie Burns
  • Peter Craig
  • Maureen Devlin
  • Mary Donnelly (Depute Convener)
  • Martin Hose
  • Davie McLachlan
  • Jim McGuigan (Convener)
  • Richard Nelson
  • Bert Thomson 
  • Josh Wilson

The proposed meeting dates are noted below. For the assistance of applicants a suggested final date for submission of applications has been included. If a fully completed application is submitted by the date specified it is anticipated that the application will be considered at the meeting of the Board unless there are unforeseen issues or any difficulties arise.

Meetings are held in the Committee suite, Council Offices, Almada Street, Hamilton at 10.00am, unless otherwise stated.

Meetings for dates for 2020   

Date of meeting Final date for submission of applications
Monday, 16 March Thursday, 9 January
Monday, 4 May Thursday, 27 February
Monday, 10 August       Thursday, 4 June
Monday, 5 October Thursday, 30 July
Monday, 14 December   Thursday, 8 October